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571. Decorative Candles
Our decorative candles make lovely home accents and stunning table centerpieces. Our discount priced decorative candles are finely crafted and uniquely designed and will look great with your home decor. They also make great gift ideas.

572. Safari Candles
Our safari candles are a great way to bring a touch of the serengeti to your home. The discount priced safari candles we carry are designed with the african nature lover in mind and include tiger, zebra, giraffe, leopard, and snakeskin themes.

573. Tealight Holders
Our tealight holders will make a handsome home decoration while emitting an enchanting flame. Our uniquely designed and discount priced tealight holders include eagle, angel, heart shaped plaques, hurricane lanterns, and photo frame styles.

574. Soy DeLights
Petroleum free soy wax candles that burn cooler and longer. No black soot or petroleum smells in the air. Just pure scent smells that are strong and last long after the candle is out. Over 150 scents to choose from.

575. Desktop Clocks
Our desktop clocks will help you to never miss an appointment again. These stylishly designed desktop clocks would look great in any home or office. Our discount priced desktop clocks are finely detailed and each one represents its own unique look.

576. Wrought Iron Candle Holders
Our wrought iron candle holders will create a stylish focal point in your living room or den. These discount priced, elegant candle holders, are delicately designed in sturdy wrought iron to bring the romantic charms of the old world to your home.

577. Birdfeeders
Our birdfeeders make great garden decorations as well as giving the birds in your neighborhood a fancy place to dine. Our discount birdfeeders are built to last for years to come. We stock a large selection of both unique and exotic birdfeeders.

578. Votive Holders
Our votive holders will light up your home with a warm and sensual glow. Our finely crafted votive holders will make a lovely addition to your living room or den. These discount priced votives include frosted glass crosses, roses, art glass and more.

579. Incense Holders
Our incense holders will not only fill your home with aromatic fragrance, but also look great doing it. Our uniquely designed and discount priced incense holders are the perfect solution to your aromatherapy needs and make great gift ideas.

580. Lamps
Our lamps would make a stunning addition to any home or office. Our wide selection of discount priced lamps are superbly crafted and uniquely designed. Our decorative lamps include buffet lamps, candle lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, and more.

581. Pendulum Clocks
Our pendulum clocks will add a distinctive touch of elegance to your home. Our exquisitely designed pendulum clocks are finely crafted and feature quartz movement for superb accuracy. These discount priced pendulum clocks would make great gift ideas.

582. Candelabras
Our candelabras will provide a grand display piece for your living room or den. Our ornately designed candelabras will make an enchanting addition to your home. These discount priced candelabras also make great gift ideas.

583. Lighthouse Lamps
Our lighthouse lamps will help guide the weary seafarer home. Our lighthouse lamps will lighten up any room in your home with a nautical glow. The rare designs of these elegant and finely crafted lighthouse lamps will leave your visitors speechless.

584. Candle Sconces
Our candle sconces will make lovely wall decorations for your living room or den. Our superbly designed and carefully crafted candle sconces will fill your home with an elegant glow. These discount priced sconces also make wonderful gift ideas.

585. Candleholders
Our candleholders range from classical to contemporary styles. No matter what your taste, you are sure to find something that will make a lovely addition to your home decor theme. Our superbly crafted candleholders also make great gift ideas.

586. Christmas Candles
Our Christmas candles will add a soft glow on a winter's night. Our festive Christmas candles will make this holiday season merry and bright. We carry a large assortment of various discount priced Christmas candles featuring Santa, snowmen, and more.

587. Grandfather Clocks
Our grandfather clocks will grace any living room, den, or office. Our stately grandfather clocks are hand carved from wood in ornate detail. These discount priced clocks would make for great heart felt gifts for those special people in your life.

588. Table Lamps
Our table lamps will lighten up any room and be an elegant addition to your home. The unique designs of these bold and articulately crafted table lamps will leave your guests in awe. Our discount priced lamps also make great gift ideas.

589. Novelty Clocks
Our novelty clocks would make lovely decorations for any room in the house. Our discount priced novelty clocks feature Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, classic trucks, cars and motorcycles to name a few. These clocks make great gift ideas.

590. Patriotic Lights
Our patriotic lights will brighten up your home and be a wonderful way to show your American spirit. Our patriotic lights include lamp and plate sets, nightlights, and lamps. These lights will bring life to your 4th of July celebration!

591. Kitchen Clocks
Our kitchen clocks will help make your kitchen more bright and cheery. Our exquisitely designed kitchen clocks feature fruit, roosters, wine and grapes, chef pig, and many other themes. These discount priced clocks would make lovely gifts.

592. LED Lights
Our LED lights have a luminous secret. They turn into an enthralling light show as luscious colors slowly change, illuminating them from inside out. Our delicately sculpted LED lights make a beautiful display. They also make for great gift ideas.

593. Nautical Clocks
Our nautical clocks will give the seafarer a lovely decoration for living room, den or office. These elegant timepieces are finely crafted examples of the clockmaker's art. Our discount priced nautical clocks feature lighthouses, boats, and coasts.

594. Christmas Stockings
Our Christmas stockings will make darling decorations to hang by your chimney with care this holiday season. Our plush Christmas stockings feature the likes of Santa, rudolph, and even snowmen. We have a unique selection available at discount prices.

595. Solar Lights
Our solar lights gather energy by day and provide light at night. These handsome solar powered sculptures make a distinctive garden decoration when the sun is up and will shine for up to 8 hours even after the sun has set. They also make great gifts.

596. Night Lights
Our night lights will help guide your family through the darkness. They lighten up any room and would make a lovely addition to your home. The unique designs of these bold and finely crafted night lights make them perfect end table centerpieces.

597. Christmas Lights
Our Christmas lights will enlighten any Christmas tree or family room. Not only do we have a set of musical Christmas lights, but also multicolor figurines and lighted scenery as well. Our discount priced lights make great gifts as well.

598. Hurricane Lamps
Our hurricane lamps will brighten up any room and add an old world touch to your home. The splendid designs of these bold and articulately crafted hurricane lamps are reminiscent of bygone days. Our discount priced lamps would also make great gifts.

599. Candle Lamps
Our candle lamps will lighten up any room in your home with a warm glow. The unique designs of these finely crafted candle lamps are simply breathtaking. Our discount priced lamps would make great gift ideas or beautiful home accents.

600. Votive Candle Holders
Our votive candle holders will enlighten your home with an enchanting glow. Our uniquely designed votive candle holders are like beautifully detailed works of art. You're sure to find that perfect discount priced votive holder you been looking for.

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