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So, a special occasion is looming and you havenít got a clue what to give dad as a gift. Hereís a tip Ė visit when your dadís not in. Take a good look at his cd collection to get an idea of his tastes. Examine his bookcase and his dvd cabinet. Check whether there are any magazines around with a male-oriented theme. If you know he likes wine, then look at the labels in the rack to ascertain what style of wine he likes. That should at least give you a starting point for ideas about a gift for dad. How about the latest book from his favorite author? Or a box set of cds or dvds in the genre he likes best? A magazine subscription would make a long-lasting gift. Consider buying wine in a gift box instead of just a bottle. It makes it more special.

It may be, of course, that your dad has a keen hobby or interest. This makes giving gifts easier, but itís still worth putting a little thought into it. My dad plays golf, but there are only so many times I want to give, or he wants to receive, a set of golf balls. So, in the past Iíve given him golf gifts such as a calendar with photos of famous courses, a ball-cleaning set, a wooden box carved with golfers for storing pens and a book about the history of the course he plays on. The same rules apply whatever the hobby. If you canít think of anything out of the ordinary, then use the internet and youíll be amazed how many different items you can buy for any sport or hobby.

A nice gift for dad is a personalized one. I donít mean something with his name embroidered on it, but rather something that has a particular resonance for him. For example, this could be a mouse mat with a picture of a beloved pet, or a framed portrait of his grandchildren, or the autograph of his sporting hero. If he loves food then buy or make him up a hamper or gift basket filled with his favorite treats. If you enjoy crafts then you could use your skills to make dad a scrapbook filled with memories, a cushion for his chair or an extra-special personalized card.

When you really think about it, you can come up with almost endless ideas on buying or making a gift for dad. So, instead of purchasing another aftershave/deodorant/shower gel combo, take a look online. Youíll be spoilt for choice and your dad will be the one to benefit with a great gift.

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<![CDATA[Tips In Finding The Best Unique Gift Online]]>
O.K., so let?s assume that you know everything there is to know about your Aunt Mary, who has a birthday coming up. You know that she likes to read, loves the opera, and enjoys fancy restaurants. Where do you begin? Well, the first thing to do is to take one of her interests and start investigating. So, in the case of our example, you would first type in the name of, say, her favorite author into a search engine. O.K., the first entry leads you directly to that author?s web site. Perfect. Now, while at the web site you discover that the author will personalize copies of his newest release and ship it out the next day. So in about a 5 minute span, you have already found one unique idea that you are sure Aunt Mary will like. The same thing goes for the opera and local restaurants. By typing keywords into a search engine (such as Google or Yahoo), you will be able to link to exactly the right items for Aunt Mary?s taste.

Another outstanding idea for finding a unique gift online is to try an auction site, such as ebay. These sites are great because they bring together thousands of merchants that offer almost anything you can imagine. You can search for any item or topic, and you will then be able to place bids on any product that you are interested in. So in the case of Aunt Mary, you should be able to find tickets to that new Broadway show she has just been dying to see. One word of caution however; sites such as ebay can be highly addictive! You may forget the real reason you logged on in the first place as you shop uncontrollably for yourself.

These are just a few simple tips in finding the best unique gift online. Remember, by focusing on your recipient?s hobbies and likes, you will easily be able to find that perfect something that is sure to score big.

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<![CDATA[10 Tips For Buying A Perfect Gift]]>
If, despite spending time, money and effort you find yourself picking all the wrong gifts then chances are you need some help in buying the perfect gift. Some people are natural born shoppers and manage to pick great gifts no matter who the recipient and what the occasion. Others need to work hard and learn how to buy a gift thatís just right.

Here are some tips to keep in mind the next time you want to buy the perfect gift.

1. Buy For The Recipient And Not For You

The first rule of buying a good gift is to keep the likes and dislikes of the recipient in mind. It is essential to remember that the gift is for someone else and not yourself. While you may think a box of Godiva chocolates is absolutely divine, a diabetic or person trying to loose weight may not be quite so enthusiastic.

Also, sometimes the current circumstances of the individual may alter his or her preferences. A woman may love a good bottle of champagne but it becomes a no-no if she is pregnant.

In some cases, despite knowing exactly what the recipient craves for we avoid buying it for him or her simply because it does not appeal to us. In such cases it is best to put the choice of the recipient ahead of your own so long as the gift cannot cause any harm.

2. Find Out The Recipientís Preferences

The million dollar question when buying a gift for someone is Ė ďWhat does he / she want?Ē Finding the answer to the question is not really that difficult. All you need to do is keep your eyes and ears open.

People are always talking about things they wish they had. The next time you are in a conversation with people you give gifts to make a note of the things they covet. Another great way to find out what someone wants is by going shopping with him or her. Expressive individuals will make it easy for you by exclaiming with delight over things they see and like. Individuals who are more reticent may offer clues only by stolen glances and gentle touches.

The easiest way of course is to simple ask the recipients what they want. If you cannot ask the recipient directly, ask close family and friends what they think would make a good gift.

3. Make A Budget And Stick To It

An aspect of gift giving that is often ignored is the satisfaction of the giver. With every gift as important as it is that the recipient be delighted to receive the gift, it is equally important that the giver should be excited about giving the gift.

The primary cause of frustration on the giverís end is overspending or spending unwisely. It is thus vital that you allocate a budget to the various gifts you want to buy for different occasions. First and second tier family and friends deserve a larger portion of your budget than third tier recipients.

Once you have a budget in mind not only does it become easier for you to shop but it also puts you at ease about the money you intend to spend. In special circumstances the budget can be bent a little, but try not to overdo it.

The budget becomes essential in situations where a number of people are pooling in and must be created keeping in mind how much everyone can afford to spend.

4. Plan Gifts In Advance

While there will always be occasions that need you to run out and buy a last minute gift, in most cases you have plenty of notice to plan your gift. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, birth announcements and holidays can all be marked on the calendar. Planning and buying a gift in advance gives you plenty of time to choose a good gift and keep it within budget. It is invariably the last minute purchases that cause all the stress.

A good idea to help you buy great gifts is to get a calendar and hang it in a place that you are likely to use it regularly. Mark out all the important gift giving occasions and then shop in advance. Not only will it save you the trouble of heading for the stores only to buy a gift but you can also save big bucks by buying in sales.

Leaving gifts to be purchased at the last minute is a surefire recipe for disaster. Murphyís law demands that everything that can go wrong will go wrong!

5. It Is NOT Just The Thought That Counts

As much as you would like to believe that it is the thought that counts, fact is, it is not enough. If you have an idea for a great gift you must execute it - and execute it well.

If you want to surprise your bride with a candle lit dinner then ensure that she does not guess whatís cooking. Send her off and make something that you wonít mess up. Presenting her with a burnt soufflť is probably worse than no soufflť at all.

Decide what the surprise is and execute it accordingly. Is the idea to give her a relaxing evening where youíve done all the work? Or is it to whip up a home cooked meal for her? If itís the former then you can pick up something on your way home and spend all your effort in creating the romantic ambiance. If the latter is more important to you then plan a bit in advance and choose items that are easy to prepare. A surprise gift is not the time to experiment and discover your culinary skills.

Remember Ė the key lies in executing the plan well.

6. Donít Create Work For The Recipient

Often in our zealousness to give something amazingly fabulous that will have the recipient swooning at our feet, we leap in where angels fear to tread.

This is especially true when giving gifts to children. It is vital to ensure that any gift you choose does not conflict with the rules and moral values the parents believe in. Giving your niece or nephew a pet is a great idea but only so long as you have got prior approval from the parents.

7. Stock Up On Gifts

It is not a bad idea to stock up on some generic gifts for third tier recipients. Things like bath salts, candles, linen and barware are used by people all the time. By buying these items in sales or in bulk you can save yourself a pretty penny. Not only that, but also you will save yourself last minute running around in case of unexpected invites.

Also when giving these stock gifts keep track of what you give whom. It would make you look rather silly if you were to give your colleague a one-off keepsake box and give the same one to another colleague two months later.

However, it is important to remember that these generic gifts are not for close family and friends. They deserve better.

8. Personalized Gifts Make Great Gifts

In general; personalized gifts make great gifts because they show that you care. Knowing that you made the effort to pick out the gift, think of the message and get it personalized means as much as the gift itself.

However, there are certain rules of thumb to keep in mind even with personalized gifts. Firstly, personalized mugs are great but everyone already has them! Unless you are ten years old and made it in a classroom workshop for extra credits, nobody is going to go ga-ga over a personalized mug. Expect maybe, your mom. And even thatís a maybe!

Secondly, the gift itself should be appropriate for the recipient. Getting a personalized bath towel set for a newborn is not going to earn you any brownie points. Ensure that the gift being personalized is also appealing.

And thirdly, the message must reflect your relationship with the recipient. Keep away from cheeky and offensive messages even in casual relationships. If you cannot think of something reflective of shared memories then keep the message simple.

9. Buy Gifts Keeping In Mind Simple Logistics

Age, gender, relationship and occasion are all important factors to keep in mind when purchasing a gift. The gift you buy will vary greatly depending on each of these factors. A father, husband and son are all male and the relationship you share with each one of them is vital. Yet, a birthday gift for your father will be very different from what you buy your son and certainly incomparable to a gift for your spouse.

If all the factors seem extremely complicated and difficult to keep in mind, it is not really so. These are factors that work subconsciously and so long as you keep the recipient in mind when purchasing the gift, you will in all likelihood take care of all the logistics without much effort.

10. Buy For The Recipient From You

The idea behind giving a gift is to show the person how much you care. So the single most important factor that will determine whether you buy a perfect gift or one that is likely to be shoved to the back of the closet is how involved you are in the buying process.

The gift you buy must mirror the recipientís tastes as well as your personality. That is what will make it truly unique. When choosing the gift keep in mind what the recipient wants and likes. Within those limitations select something that appeals to you as well. This will ensure that the gift is reflective of both your personalities and make it the perfect gift you could have selected.
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